How to start a conversation when texting girls is tricky. Because the way of approaching a girl through text has its tricks so that she is not bored and has a positive impression on us. If you are too aggressive, she may feel uncomfortable so as not to reply to your chat. You have to keep being cool and elegant, even though your heart beats rapidly every time you are texting with her. Use sentences that are clear and easy to read. Don’t use abbreviations that no one understands. How to get acquainted via text with the girl you like is you have to use clear sentences and easy to read. Avoid abbreviating words that make her confused. You don’t want it if the first chat with a prospective crush becomes awkward because of an unclear abbreviation? Writing messages is also a sign if you value her in communication.

Don’t use too many emoticons, use emoticons as needed. Emoticons do make the conversation exciting, but she will be confused if every message you use emoticons. So let the chat flow as it is without the presence of emoticons until you already have chemistry. After that, you can exchange emoticons with him so the chat becomes more exciting. You can deliver your crush a joke as proof that you have a sense of humor, but do not miss or even impress dirty. She might think that you are a pervert and that it can break up your efforts. You should joke about just general things, not about personal things from her or taboo. You will get a plus if you can make her laugh and feel comfortable next to you.

Patiently waiting for her to reply. The most common mistake of guys who are texting their crush is impatiently waiting for a reply message from a potential date. You have to know that not everyone always checks her phone all the time. If she likes and is interested in you, she will reply to your message anyway. Unless she already feels uncomfortable with you. You also need to avoid words that are too emotional. You must be careful so as not to offend her when chatting, especially if there are differences of opinion.