Mentalist Magic Tricks, Rely On Counts And Logic

Mentalists are one of the most learned types of magic today when they have an interest in magic. Aside from having lots of tricks and techniques, mentalists can also make someone cooler because they can influence the decisions of people who are targeted by magic. You can also find mentalist magic tricks at the magician gold coast which is very suitable for children.

One of the coolest mentalist tricks is guessing numbers. You also must already know this one trick. However, this number of guessing trick has a more interesting spice. You see, there are unique numbers. Try the method below:

● Ask the audience to choose one number from two to nine.

● Tell them to multiply the chosen number by 2. So, for example, the number 9 times 2 is equal to 18. Don’t forget to act as if you have to concentrate to choose this step example: “Now add, hmm … no-no, multiply the number by two! “

● Have the audience or volunteers add the number 5 to the results of the previous product. 18 + 5 = 23! This is an important number. After that ask your audience to multiply it by the number 50. 23 x 50 = 1150, so it looks magical so it’s so random.

● Add the magic element by asking your audience to add the number 1763 or 1764 to the results of the last multiplication. How do you determine it? If this year your friend has told him to have a birthday, he adds 1764 to the number. If he hasn’t had a birthday this year, tell him to add 1763. For example, your friend had his birthday last month, so the number is 1150 + 1764 = 2914.

● Subtract the last digit with the year of birth of the viewer. For example, your friend was born in 1988, tell him to reduce the number by 1988. 2914 – 1988 = 926.

● Ask what the final results are. With this number, you can know your friend’s first choice number and his age! The first number is the first number chosen between 1 and 10, while the two digits behind it are your friend’s current age! 926 means that he is 26 years old and chose number 9.

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