Reducing Dwelling Time With Yard Management System

The public sees loading and unloading at the port in simple terms: goods arrive, are unloaded from the ship and then transported out of the port. The loading and unloading process is not that simple exotrac. There is the performance of the process of loading and unloading of goods at the port or better known as dwelling time. In terms of understanding, dwelling time is the length of time the entire process from loading and unloading of goods to goods leaving the port. That is, how long when containers (imported goods) are piled up at the container yard at the port since being unloaded from the ship until the imported goods leave the yard. This could be said to be one of the most important parts of the port that is why it needs great yard management solutions to reduce dwelling time.

When comparable, dwelling time is the travel time. The journey of imported goods from unloading to outside the port is stated in units of time, seconds, minutes, hours, days and so on. To know whether dwelling time is problematic or not, “normal numbers” are needed as a reference. In calculation, dwelling time is the difference between the time when the container is removed from the port and the time the container is unloaded from the transport facility (ship).

In the period since the container of imported goods were unloaded until the container was removed from the port, three processes (pre, custom, and post) determine the amount of dwelling time. The longer the goods piled up at the yard the greater the costs are borne by the business actor. As a result, the selling price of the final goods becomes more expensive. The loading and unloading services at the port are determined by many work units. Such as Customs, Quarantine and private operations at the port. All together jointly affecting the speed of port services. Each work unit is responsible for their respective institutions, which usually have different data collection and measurement models. That is why a good yard management system will cut dwelling time that also cuts the cost for manufactures.

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