At the beginning of its appearance in 2013, Native Advertising made many changes to the world of online advertising. The more rapid growth of users of mobile devices makes pop-up advertisements less effective in attracting the attention of the audience. A variety of ad formats are present to make advertising more acceptable to internet users. Meanwhile, if you want to attract local customers online, we recommend you try geofencing advertising services.

Let’s get back to Native ads. They appear in informative writing. The content of this ad is indeed made to provide useful knowledge and information. Native advertising does not directly promote a product or service and highlight its advantages like Advertorial advertising. Native ads are more focused on helping readers and are present in all formats, such as narration, text, photos, videos, and infographics.

Native Ad Display is more friendly than advertisements that often cover articles, news, or content that internet users want to read. Native Ads can be applied to all versions of the site, from mobile devices to desktops to applications. Especially for internet users who mostly spend their time using mobile devices.