Bass guitar is indeed an instrument or musical instrument that is easy to play. Various types of the bass guitar are presented with the functions, benefits, and needs of each. For those who are just learning to play bass guitar, maybe sometimes confused which bass guitar to choose. Many types of bass from various brands are sold in the market which of course with a variety of advantages of the most affordable bass guitar for beginners.

Besides adjusting to the budget, choosing a bass guitar is also tailored to your needs. For those professionals, it is certain to choose a suitable bass guitar to support it in their work. Well, for beginners, some of the bass guitars might be your solution in determining which bass guitar you will choose, buy, and of course play.

1. Ibanez bass guitar, which became excellent

Ibanez bass guitar became the belle of music players with the metal flow. But it is not uncommon for jazz musicians to also use it. Ibanez is well known as a Japanese company producing copies of quality instruments that are on par with America. Currently, Ibanez has been established and developed into a manufacturer of instruments with large equipment under its own brand name. Bass Guitar Variants that are in great demand by music players are the SR and BTB Bass types.

2. Gibson bass guitar, which is comfortable to use

This bass guitar is actually not very popular among beginner musicians. Its existence in beginner musicians is mostly covered by bass guitars such as Explorers, Les Pauls, SG, and Fly VS. However, the bass guitar is actually very comfortable to use for those who are just learning to play bass guitar. Because of its convenience, many professionals also crave ownership like the type of Firebird which is also used by Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue.

3. Yamaha bass guitar, which cannot be underestimated

Yamaha bass guitar is undoubtedly a manufacturer of diverse musical instruments ranging from guitars, drums, pianos to xylophone. Nevertheless, this bass guitar product from Yamaha must also not be underestimated. Some types such as Yamaha RBX170 become one of the Yamaha Bass Guitar that suits your music needs.