There Are 8 Tips To Avoid Hypnosis On The Street

Hypnosis can indeed be dangerous, and you can lose property or lives because of it. Technically, to avoid hypnosis is very easy. However, if there are some remnants of negative energy that linger in your body due to hypnosis, we suggest you remove black magic from your body.

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Here are tips and tricks for avoiding hypnotic crime on the streets:

1. Fully believe and believe that hypnosis crime will not work against people who reject it, because the whole process of hypnosis is a process of self-hypnosis (we suggest ourselves) where our fear is used by the hypnotist user.

2. Be suspicious of people you just know and try to approach you, because the whole process of hypnosis is a very persuasive communication technique.

3. Beware of people who pat you and avoid conversations that might occur. When you focus on what he said, that’s when the suggestion is being raised. Immediately move from that place and divert your attention to another place.

4. Busy your mind and do not leave your mind blank when you are alone in a public place because when the mind is blank/dazed, the subconscious opens very wide and is easy to suggest.

5. Beware of drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, or tightness in the chest that comes suddenly unnaturally, because there might be someone trying to do telepathic forcing to you. Immediately intend to get rid of all the negative energy to the earth, simply by visualizing and praying according to your religion and beliefs.

6. If there are people who have a talkative habit try to travel with someone else because talkative is a habit of opening your subconscious to follow orders. Try to get rid of these talkative habits.

7. Be careful of some people who suddenly crowd around you without a clear matter and go to a crowded place or report to security officers. Sometimes the perpetrators hypnotize in groups as if they did not know each other.

8. If you begin to feel that you are entering a different consciousness, immediately order yourself to be conscious and normal again, with the intention, I am fully aware and normal! Then you will be aware and normal again.

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