These 3 Web Design Mistakes Are Commonly Made By Small Companies

In essence, website design is an art form. And like art, website design seems to give the viewer experience. A website design that can mix aesthetics and functions is desirable. To do this, there are some rules that website developers must follow. Often, small companies don’t follow these rules and that’s when a bad website appears. That’s why it can be a good idea for small company owners to hire the best Small Business Web Design Agency London.

Here are 3 common mistakes in small company web design:

1. Too Much Information

Many provide business-related information on your website. Visitors who cannot understand what your site is about in a few seconds will leave. Although important, it often causes small business owners to cram too much info.

This is not a myth, but a busy web is not a good thing. Websites with lots of images, text, and other things will take a while to load and will confuse your visitors. Avoid compact designs.

2. Too Little Information

A web with almost no information on the other end of the spectrum. Minimalism in design is a big trend nowadays and functions if done correctly. Some small business websites are too vague and leave too much imagination. That’s another big mistake.

Relying too much on simple imagery without clear direction will make your visitors guess and that is not a good thing.

3. Website Design that is Too Confusing

In the middle of the spectrum that is too much / too little info, there is a web that is “brand confusing”. A confusing website is a web that displays various types of letters, images, color palettes, and themes that have nothing to do with each other. This happens for a number of reasons, for example when you don’t have a good idea of your brand image.

You can make this mistake when you can’t choose a single concept for your web design. This can also happen when you try to convey too many ideas at once and see your web as an individual component rather than holistically.

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