Tricks to Paint Staircase

One part of the house that often escapes our attention is the stairs. In fact, the stairs can be used as a ‘palette’ of your creativity. Instead of being left plain and boring, do the following ways to make your stairs more colorful. If you need renovering af trappeopgang, you can visit our website.

– Narrow and closed stairs
For cases like this, you can play colors on the steps of the stairs. Give visual surprises using bold colors. For example the colors yellow, pink, purple and the like. If the steps are made of wood, make sure you do a thorough preparation before painting so that the results are perfect. Wash the wooden stairs first with water and liquid soap so that various impurities or oils are lifted. Wait until dry.

– Gradation of color on the railing
If the stairs in your house are classified as open / railing clearly visible, try to apply this technique. Make your monotonous railing look more beautiful with color grading techniques. You can play with the blue-green-purple tones like in this photo or other tones to taste. If the stair railing is made of wood, you can follow the preparation steps as mentioned in the previous point. If the railing is made of metal, the preparation steps are almost the same. Wash or wipe the metal surface first with a damp cloth washed with soap so that various dirt or dust lifted. If the surface is still smooth, you can immediately paint with a primary product + paint in one. Meanwhile, if there is already peeled off, you should do the sanding or peel first.

– Stairs in a wide and open area
If you don’t want to paint stairs or railings, the alternative is to paint the walls. This technique is suitable for open stairs and large wall areas. Choose a contrasting and bold color like red if the color of your steps and railing is monotonous. You can choose to paint the walls in one simple color like this or use another technique.

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